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Tips How to Avail Promo at Cebu Pacific Online Booking Flights


Cebu Pacific is one of the popular air carriers that offer both international and domestic flights to and from the Philippines. It serves more than 20 major airports in the East Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific as well as other cities that have high population of OFWs.


If you are a frequent traveler, it makes sense to know how to find promo offered by Cebu Pacific. They offer cheap promo fares that can give big savings to budget travelers. The cheapest promo fares that you may book are the one peso fare, Php500 all-in promos, and the 50% off sale.

You’re lucky if you find domestic roundtrip ticket for as low as Php300 all-in because the regular fare ranges from Php1,000 to Php2,500. The good thing about the “all-in” promo fares is that it includes the airport fees, government taxes, and base fare. But, it excludes optional add-ons such as baggage, travel insurance, meals, and seat selection.

Where to find cebu pacific promo fares?

Discount fares and seat sales are sold out very fast that’s why you should know where to find them such as:

  • Cebu Pacific website
  • Cebu Pacific newsletter
  • Cebu Pacific Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Travel Expo and Conventions
  • GetGo rewards program

How to cebu pacific online booking flights?

  1. Visit https://www.cebupacificair.com/
  2. Provide your travel details
  3. Choose your flight and enter your contact details
  4. Provide the guest details (if there’s any).
  5. Click baggage allowance, pre-ordered meals, sports equipment, book hotel. But, these are optional.
  6. Before hitting the terms and conditions button, you should read first the fine prints.
  7. Choose your payment method and send it. You’ll receive a confirmation message. Make sure to print the electronic ticket as you’ll need it upon your flight check-in.


Before booking your flights make sure to read the important details about the promo particularly the travel and sale period. Book directly at the official website of Cebu Pacific, booking offices, mobile app, or call centers.