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Requirements and Applications Needed in Getting a Child or Baby Passport


You’re planning to take your family to a vacation abroad and the first thing that comes in your mind is to secure passport for your kids.

Applying for a passport for your child 18 years old below have different set of requirements depending on the status of the child (illegitimate or adopted). The passports of the parents are important requirements along with government-issued IDs and other documents required by the DFA office.


General Requirements of Child / Baby Passport Application

  • For applicants 1 year old and below, there should be a confirmed appointment
  • If the applicant is minor, he or she should appear personally at the DFA office
  • Either parent must personally appear and bring the valid passports (for legitimate child)
  • The mother must be present upon application and bring valid ID or passport (for illegitimate child)
  • Birth certificate of the minor applicant issued by the PSA or copy of birth certificate issued by the LCR and authenticated by the PSA
  • Document that will prove the identity with photo of the minor applicant (Form 137 or school ID)
  • If the minor applicant is not enrolled in a school, either parent must execute a Notarized Affidavit of Explanation (for legitimate child) or by the mother (for illegitimate child). The affidavit must explain in details the reason why the child isn’t attending school
  • Marriage certificate of the parents authenticated by the PSA

If the minor is travelling alone, the additional requirements for baby passport include the following:

  • Affidavit of support and consent executed by either parent indicating that the child will be travelling alone
  • DSWD clearance ( original and photocopy)

If both parents of the minor applicant are abroad:

  • ASC duly accomplished by either parent or the mother (as the case requires), mentioning the name of the travelling companion and authenticated by the Consulate General or Philippine Embassy
  • Special Power of Attorney along with the photocopy of the valid passport of either parents authorizing someone to accompany the child applying for a passport

If the applicant is illegitimate but acknowledged by the father, the surname of the father must appear in the birth certificate issued by the PSA with Affidavit of Acknowledgment and Consent allowing the minor to use the father’s surname.

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If the minor is legitimated through subsequent marriage of parents, the birth certificate must include annotation about the legitimated child and the full name.

If the applicant is orphaned, the following requirements must be presented:

  • The death certificate of the parents authenticated by the PSA must be presented
  • Court order awarding guardianship or substitute parental authority as mandated by the Family Code Article 214 and 216
  • DSWD clearance

If the applicant is legally adopted should present the requirements as listed:

  • Birth certificate from PSA prior to adoption (original and certified true copy)
  • Birth certificate amended after adoption (original and certified true copy)
  • Certified true copy of the Certificate of Finality or Order on Adoption issued by the court
  • DSWD clearance

If foreign parents will adopt the minor:

  • Court Decree of Abandonment of Child (certified true copy)
  • Deed of Voluntary Commitment or Death certificate (whichever is necessary)
  • Endorsement for Inter-country Adoption Board issued by the DSWD
  • Authenticated Foundling certificate

If the parents of the applicant are divorced or annulled:

  • Court order for substitute parental authority or guardianship
  • Marriage certificate with annulment decree issued by the PSA
  • DSWD Travel clearance

If the mother of the applicant is also a minor:

  • The mother and the maternal grandparents must appear personally at the DFA office
  • Birth certificate of both the applicant and the mother
  • Affidavit of Support and Consent by the maternal grandparents
  • Valid IDs of both the mother and the maternal grandparents

Parents are encouraged to provide all the requirements for fast and smooth processing of the application. The varied requirements and strict measures are implemented to ensure the security and safety of the minors travelling abroad.