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How to Avoid Dizziness When Travelling


Some people experience motion sickness or dizziness when travelling regardless of the mode of transportation. Aside from dizziness, you may also feel discomforts such as cold sweating and nausea. This condition is very common to kids below 12 years old, pregnant women, and those who seldom travel.


Dizziness while travelling may be caused by the motion of the vehicle that affects the inner ear and eventually the proper balance of the body.

Here’s how to avoid dizziness or motion sickness:

  • Looking the landscape as the vehicle goes past can cause dizziness. That’s why you should avoid looking out the window. Instead, you should focus on a fixed point or static image.
  • Avoid looking downward as it can aggravate your dizziness. Keep your head slightly upward for better breathing to relieve motion sickness.
  • Watching motion pictures or reading books may also cause motion sickness as it strains your eyes.
  • Practicing acupressure can relieve stomach discomfort and dizziness. It’s because acupressure helps to maintain proper energy balance.
  • Eat light before travelling and avoid eating too spicy, sugary, and fatty foods. Slow digestion can cause stomach discomfort and eventually dizziness.
  • Keep hydrated as you travel and to avoid motion sickness you can consider drinking a natural ginger herbal pill or infusion of ginger.
  • Never drink alcoholic beverages before travelling as it will surely make you feel dizzy.
  • Open the window of the vehicle if the needs arise. The fresh air can relieve the dizziness or motion sickness.
  • Watching another person who experiences motion sickness can make you feel dizzy as well.

Motion sickness should not prevent you from having a trip. Rather, you can practice those tips listed above and enjoy your travel.